Supporting You

Supporting You

There’s nothing worse than launching a new website, then having the worry of something happening to it at any time.

We take support very seriously with every one of our clients both during and after each project. We know the problems that can occur when running a website and while we can not always stop bad things from happening, we can ensure that you feel safe with what you are doing, and protected in case anything does happen.


We offer technical support to all our clients. If we have built your website, and something is not working as it should be, fear not, we will be there to correct these issues with no cost to you – after all you should never pay for something that you have already paid for!


Sometimes, it is just easier to ask a question than spend time trawling for an answer you need quickly. We offer a support service where if you need a tip or some extensive training we can offer this in house or remotely in your own house or office.


We offer hosting packages for our clients, enabling you to get on with the running of your site rather than wasting time understanding how your site is running. Hosting packages start at £15 per month.


In this day and age, security is a big issue; especially if you have a database containing people’s personal information. We make sure that every website we host has full protection where and when it is needed. From a sturdy firewall to keep out those pesky hackers, to SSL certificates to make sure that your users are safe and sound when they're spending a pound.


We offer a daily backup service for both your website code and for all the data within your website which is stored well out of the way just in case. So now, if there is an incident, or you are looking to move server or hosting provider, restoring your services is as simple as 1,2,3.

Do you need extra support with your current website or wish to speak about us supporting your next project?

The beatles were true forward thinkers

An idea can be a beautiful thing. But what counts is being able to bring that idea into fruition, pushing the boundaries and making things happen.

In an ever changing world of technology and information it can be a daunting task to take the first step let alone introduce your ideas to the world.

We are a group of individuals that not only offer the insight and options to shape and grow your idea into areas you may never have thought of, we also have the ambition and technical ability to make it happen.


We are excited to hear from you and start your project off with a bang! You can get in touch with us in a number of quick and easy ways:

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