C4Di - The Centre For Digital Innovation

C4Di - The Centre For Digital Innovation

Set up in 2013/14 by digital duo, Jon Moss and John Connolly, Hull's Centre for Digital Innovation (or C4Di as it is known) is the next step in a process of building and connecting the area's technology talent. With an ever growing and vibrant mix of developers, designers, marketers and technology entrepreneurs, C4Di offers a platform for the areas digital economy to grow and flourish.

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Since day one of the project, C4Di has been the obvious choice for us as an aspiring development team. Aside from the impressive environment, the high spec setting and the great coffee, C4Di is full of opportunities and great ideas. Not only is the centre the home of a growing group of digital individuals, it is becoming a magnet for the area's big business, who either have an interest in furthering their own tech attributes, or are keen to keep their fingers on the pulse, seeking out opportunities of their own. Even some of the region's biggest agencies and web companies use the space as a place to connect and grow their own organisations.

In true computer science spirit, C4Di is currently in its Beta stage, testing the waters and ensuring that the recipe is right; growing the community and establishing the seeds that are going to ensure a prosperous future. On Hull's dry dock, construction is ongoing on the future C4Di building expected to be opened in late 2015. This modern and inspirational building is set to be a catalyst in the ongoing gentrification of the Fruit Market area of Hull; shaping the area, attracting the region's brightest and best to do business.

We are excited by the doors that C4Di is already opening for us as a business, let alone what is to come in the future. There are some fantastic people already working hard to build the C4Di community and links with local business. We strongly believe that beside these individuals we will be in a perfect position to play our part in the growth of Hull and East Yorkshire's digital community.

Visit the C4Di website to find out more.

The beatles were true forward thinkers

An idea can be a beautiful thing. But what counts is being able to bring that idea into fruition, pushing the boundaries and making things happen.

In an ever changing world of technology and information it can be a daunting task to take the first step let alone introduce your ideas to the world.

We are a group of individuals that not only offer the insight and options to shape and grow your idea into areas you may never have thought of, we also have the ambition and technical ability to make it happen.


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